Major Infrastructure & Facilities

A school is actually a home away from home for any student. There is no denying how significant a school is in shaping up a student’s personality and holistic learning process. Like an experienced teacher and teaching pedagogy play a critical role in shaping students’ academic lives, infrastructure is also vital. It creates a favourable environment for students’ holistic development. It’s a common knowledge that every parent wants to spend money where their kids feel safe and secure while learning and enjoying their student life. They wish to ensure the schools have ample safety standards and facilities to make learning a joy.

Apart from having the best faculty, it also has an outstanding commitment from the staff.

Computer Lab :

Herbal Garden :

Indoor Activity Room :

Library :

Music Room :

Play Station :

Sick Bay :

Traffic Park :

Tier Park :

Visitors Room :

Yoga Room :

Aquarium :

Kids' Zoo :

Sand Play Area for Children :

Basketball Court :